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Support Us

Initially we had the thought of charging a £5.00 joining fee alongside your first monthly payment, but we understand this could have put people off the idea of becoming a member. 

We also understand that lots of fans have been contacting us, willing to donate and pay a joining fee. Therefore we would like to give our potential members the ability to do this at their own discretion.

We would like to thank any fan who is willing to donate to the group, everything helps and will contribute to better rugby in Oldham!

If anyone has a specific query, please use our chat box that is located in the bottom right corner, we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Please click this link to forward to our membership page or click the donation button, where you can just donate as much or as little to the Yeds Supporters Group.

Or you could purchase a membership or gift card for someone else or donate it back to us to send out to someone who wants it but maybe is unable to purchase.

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